Successful leaders are emotionally smart. This training will show you why.

A free video series that explains the importance of becoming an emotionally smart leader (and how it can transform your organization)


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Without emotional intelligence at the heart of your leadership, your impact is limited. What you need for sustained success is leadership training based in emotional wellness


What you’ll learn in this free video series:

  • What traditional leadership theory doesn’t teach you about managing stress
  • What it means to be emotionally smart and what’s on the line if you don’t 
  • How your team will respond better and contribute more to an emotionally smart leader
  • Why a lack of emotional wellness could be causing your turnover problems


Traditional leadership theory focuses on external output and results. But that’s only half of what makes a great leader and a great organization.

Emotionally Smart Leaders understand that healthy, sustained success as a leader is just as much about internal transformation as it is about external outcomes.

This video series will teach you why.

Incorporate emotional intelligence into your leadership and your organization so you can avoid:

Overwhelming anxiety and burnout leading to constantly exhaustion

Disconnected teams leading to workplace culture issues

Diminished capacity to execute your job leading to subpar outcomes

Leadership theory based in emotional health will optimize your leadership capacity and drive results with a healthy team.

From the leaders in emotional wellness

Miles Adcox understands how overwhelming a leadership position can be – and he gets how constantly being pulled in different directions can wear on your ability to show up and lead well. As Proprietor & Chairman of Onsite, he’s helped deliver life-changing leadership programs to thousands of leaders across the globe, and now he wants to teach you, too.

For the past 20 years, Miles has been helping leaders overcome the overwhelm of leadership to become emotionally smart – the key to sustaining success as a leader. What you need isn’t more theories on management or execution: what you need is a system that will help you connect with yourself. It’s only then you can truly connect with and lead others.

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